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Welcome to My-Trivia

Bringing fun to facts!

The Hottest Trivia Platform

Welcome to the hottest and most user friendly trivia platform. With many available game modes and topics including having the option to play with and for real cash. Bad at trivia? Start practicing here as well, we have training rooms where you can practice answering questions quickly and correctly with no penalty upon your coin score. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention an important part of My-Trivia, the XP Token, it is a point system that ranks you among everyone that uses our platform.

Game Modes


Get asked 10 questions and attempt to get them all answered accurately, but answer quick because answering too slowly will affect your points!


Stay focused, this is shaped as a classic game except, you are on the line for some XP Tokens, win and climb up the leaderboard while gaining XP Tokens!

Battle Royale

Get put into a lobby of 20 players and the last player standing wins. Try and stay away from the rising lava! Don't answer incorrectly or you will descend!

Family Night

This family friendly mode is perfect for families and kids, have a nice relaxing family trivia night with more basic and kid friendly questions for your children!

Training Room

A solo lobby with no XP points on the line, have some stress free practice so that when you are ready, you can go into other game modes with confidence!

Join Some Of The Fun

Want to start improving at trivia or simply enjoy a fun competitive game?

Does it cost money to play?

No, this game is available to play for free. You can get a membership to My-Trivia in order to unlock special perks and extra rewards. Also, there is a store where you can buy items in the game or even clothes to wear in the real world!

Why don't I play another company's trivia game? What makes you different?

We are the most advanced and modernized trivia platform the world has ever seen. We connect families in the click of a button and allow all people to have fun while learning or just to enjoy their competitive nature. My-Trivia is not here for the money, we care about learning while having fun, that is what makes us different.

How do I start playing?

To start playing just simply click the start playing button and follow the steps that presented to you, we tried to make it as simple as possible so you can go out and have as much fun as possible!

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